Be Careful Little Lips

Here is the church here is the steeple….

When I was young, my parents taught me many rhymes. One in particular stands out in my mind right now. My dad folded my hands, fingers laced inside my palms. Index fingers pointed to the sky, and my thumbs closed like two doors. I created a church with my hands. The poem goes like so “Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors and see all the people.” My dad liked to add on the word “fighting” to the end of it.

He had been wounded by the church, and was continually wounded probably up until his death. My father was gay, but he finally identified himself with a LGBT church that showed him much kindness and compassion. However, he still questioned his faith up until his final few days, and I think it is because of the hurt that he received from others inside the “church” throughout his life.

I’ve noticed a trend in modern, cutting edge churches these days. They want to be so different from the typical protestant church that they are steering themselves into the completely same direction.

One of the sociology classes I took in college focused on marriage and family. I loved this class, and took it with my fiance’ (now hubs) in hopes of learning more about our impending marriage. And learn I did. One thing that resonated with me was this, that children will either end up exactly like their parents (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) or they will swing as far away from the way their parents were in hopes of influencing their children for the better only to find that their children run the risk of steering in the completely opposite direction from where they wanted to be.

Now this can be a good thing. Some parents are very abusive, their children have two options: be abusive or become incredibly loving. Continuing to be abusive would probably result in future offspring being more abusive while being overly loving would seem to be good. However, if becoming overly loving in the sense that the parent may become possessive to the point that the child is unable to grow independently of the parent could be dangerous as well.

I digress from this to simply state that the emerging (parent) church must be careful. While showing relentless love is amazing and completely in the spirit of Christ, we must be careful to not let hate in any form creep into our midst. I’ve recently heard some self proclaimed open-minded Christians make some very hate filled comments. While the emerging church loves to love on the poor, the orphaned, the widowed, which is right, pure, and good, I’ve also seen the same type of church hate on the rich, successful, and well to do.

Hating on mega-churches does not make you a better Christian than someone who hates gay people.

Chew on that for a minute.

Everybody needs love, it really is part of our basic needs up there with food, water, and shelter. Everyone. I don’t want to be responsible for someone not meet God for who he really is because I was too busy telling other people off.

In my ideal world we would all love each other big, small, hungry, or plump, grumpy, joyful, intelligent or not. If you haven’t received a hug today, open up your arms and wrap them around yourself and know that that one’s from me. XxXxX


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