Heavy Heart

My heart breaks for those influenced by the Colorado shootings last night.

There is no good reason those 12 people should have lost their lives or the other 59 who were wounded.

I hate that violence is so glorified in our culture, it’s a means of entertainment. I think that it is grotesque to watch a living being cause harm to another living being. Where’s the humanity?

I don’t want to blame the entertainment business entirely, because they are trying to make money. Greed is their primary problem. The viewer is to blame. Why is it appealing to watch people fighting, murdering, bloodying up themselves and others?

The Romans craved the same type of entertainment where gladiators where exalted on the stage of the coliseum while they fought to the death man to man to animal to man. The victors received laud while the breathless and mutilated were rewarded in jeers.

This young man who opened fire in a dark theater did so with flare. This wasn’t a thoughtless act. He wanted the world to be talking about him.

I hate hearing details about violent  acts through the media. I feel that it only fuels a raging fire. So many people learn how to be violent from watching and listening to violent things. The news is the easiest way to learn how to commit crimes. Police shows are the best resource on how to become a maniacal serial rapist killer.

I just want to urge people to be careful with what you set before your eyes. If watching another human lose his or her life is entertaining to you, perhaps you’ve become to desensitized to your morality or humanity.


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