Date Night Asheville

I’m a newly wed, and everyone loves to give me marriage advice. The repeated piece I’ve received is “Don’t stop dating.”

So, we haven’t. We have a “date night” at least once a week. We’re friends, com padres, besties, therefore we love spending time together.

My husband surprised me a few nights ago. He called me about an hour before he gets off and asks if I’ll go on a date with him. He whisked me out to dinner to this little Italian place downtown that we had never tried.

It’s influenced by traditional northern Italian cuisine.


Asheville is known for many things, wall art being one of them.

Tomato and basil relish mixed with some smoked mozzarella.
The bread was grilled and soft. Delish.

This creamy meat sauce was savory.

POLLO MARSALA with fluted mashed tatoes and string beans
This was tasty but it didn’t have a strong marsala flavor like I typically prefer with this dish. This was my husband’s meal.

My handsome hubs and me in downtown Asheville.

More Asheville wall art.

Asheville is a great place to visit, surrounded by majestic blue mountains, filled with any type of art you
can imagine and a very mild climate.

Check it out sometime.






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