Marriage, a blessing.

You are blessed, Lord our God, the sovereign of the world, who created joy and celebration, groom and bride, rejoicing, jubilation, pleasure and delight, love and brotherhood, peace and friendship.  May there soon be heard, Lord our God, in the cities of Judea and in the streets of Jerusalem, the sound of joy and the sound of celebration, the voice of a groom and the voice of a bride, the happy shouting of grooms from their weddings and of young men from their feasts of song.  You are blessed, Lord, who makes the groom and the bride rejoice together. [1]

This beautiful Jewish wedding blessing captures the rapturous joy that marriage is supposed to be. In other versions I have read, it reads something to the effect of you are blessed oh Lord who gladdens the groom with the bride. No matter how it is worded, it is a beautiful blessing that is uplifting and exhilarating.

My husband and I had the immense pleasure of being a part of two of our dearest friends’ wedding this past weekend. My husband was the best man, and I had the honor of providing the music.

The event was incredibly picturesque set in a large cabin by the lake surrounded by trees and mild air. They were married standing in front  of a fireplace surrounded by about 70 of their closest friends and family.

My favorite part, their glow. The way they were completely lost in each others sight made the toughest heart crack. The fact that without omission I was genuinely and truly happy that they were getting married, that they were joining their lives.

Sometimes you hear of people getting married, and you think “How long will this last?” Not that anyone has the right to judge the validity of another’s love, but sometimes people get married on a whim. Sometimes people get married to someone they barely know. I just can’t be happy for people who enter into a marriage contract so lightly.

Marriage is hard work. Marriage is not for the weak. Marriage is serious business. Marriage is a privilege. Marriage is an honor. Marriage is a blessing.



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