10 Weeks Pregnant

10 Weeks Pregnant

10 Weeks Pregnant

10 weeks

10 weeks

On October 31, 2012, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive….

My thoughts have not quite been the same since. I was formally known as a person who never wanted children, ever. However, when I found out that I may not even be able to get pregnant due to my severe endometriosis, my feelings changed.

A few months ago, my husband and I had a little chat about trying to get pregnant, and we were certainly surprised that after one month of trying it actually worked.

I only have a few more weeks left in this trimester, but I’m already starting to feel a lot better.

My first pregnancy symptom was extreme exhaustion, then the nausea started. I haven’t had trouble with vomiting, but I did have a terrible battle with nausea. Some days all I could stomach were saltines and ginger ale.

I found this gum in CVS and it helped me tremendously on days that I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.

A few weeks ago I began experimenting with some clean foods to see if they would settle my nausea, and I found that eating an apple, drinking OJ, or sucking on a lemon helped me leaps and bounds.

As for being tired, my husband has been so very kind to make dinner almost every night these last 8 weeks or so. I usually have to crash at least three afternoons a week after coming home from teaching all day so dinner is not really a priority of mine right now. This past week, however, I’ve started to feel a pep in my step. I’m hoping this lasts because I’d actually like the energy to go for a jog or do some more active workouts.

If you’ve been pregnant, what helped you through your first trimester?


2 thoughts on “10 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Lavender bubble baths!!! I also had extreme nausea (never actually got sick). It was terrible!!! I had to be put on Zofran to control it. The second trimester was way better…energy back and very little nausea. Congrats!! And Good luck to you 🙂

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