Going Public About Baby


Meet our little sprout!

With the cheer of Christmas in the air, we found it difficult to keep our little secret any further.

We found out on Halloween that we are expecting our first child, and I found out rather early…5 days early. We wanted to make sure that everything was OK, that we made it through my 1st trimester without any problems.

So mum was the word for about month until we couldn’t keep it from our parents any longer. We had our family over for Thanksgiving lunch. We told them that we wanted to show them a slide show of pictures from a flying excursion we had taken over our mountains, and at the end of it we hid this picture.


Our parents read it, and looked at us in disbelief. Finally, when it sunk in, they were ecstatic. Tears and giggles were flowing freely.

They were not so happy, however, when we told them they could not tell anyone. We did not want the world to know, just those who we talk to on a regular basis.

I told a small handful of people at work to begin with, and so did my husband. Then we branched out and started telling our close friends. Finally we realized that most people knew so it was time to share it with the world.

I have been very thankful for all of the kindness and blessings we have received from people,and I look forward to drawing off of the support of friends and family as we venture through this amazing journey.



7 thoughts on “Going Public About Baby

  1. Congratulations! When we told my parents, we told them they couldn’t tell anyone for a few more weeks… but my dad couldn’t wait so he was telling strangers!

    • Thanks! That sounds just like my mom. Well, and me too. I figured that a stranger couldn’t possibly know anyone that I do so I would casually slip it into conversation at the grocery check out. Haha!

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