My baby’s an alien

You may have heard that pregnant women have crazy weird dreams, and until you’ve had one of these crazy pregnancy dreams you do not realize just how demented the human mind really is.

Early on in my pregnancy, I would dream every night that the Walking Dead was real life and I was stuck with the crew trying to survive on Hershel’s farm. If you’ve seen the show, you know how gory it is. Well, my dreams were far worse. I once dreamt that my baby was a “walker” and it was eating me from the inside out.

In another dream, I’m Captain Nemo’s prisoner on the Nautilus and I give birth to a giant octopus that wrecks the whole submarine.

It looked nothing like this.


Last night, my horrific nightmares come to a pinnacle when I dreamt that I was like Elizabeth Shaw on the Prometheus having my giant alien baby ripped from my stomach. It comes out looking like a dinosaur tadpole with razor sharp gnawing teeth. Yeah, a real beauty.


What crazy pregnancy dreams have you had?

Baby octopus picture:

Prometheus Picture:


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