Hello, Belly! I really feel like my stomach has popped this week. With all the stretching and cramping, and the whole pound I've gained in the last two days, I better have something to show for it!

Hello, Belly! I really feel like my stomach has popped this week. With all the stretching and cramping, and the whole pound I’ve gained in the last two days, I better have something to show for it!

Monday  I went in for my 12 week appointment. Lying back on the examining table, the doctor told me that we might not be able to hear the heart beat, and if that’s the case then we’d go for an ultrasound.

After about what seemed like several minutes of her pushing around on my lower abdomen with the monitor, she found it. Ga-gush, ga-gush, ga-gush, then she lost it again. A quick re-position and there it was again only this time you could hear my heartbeat along side. The strong ga-gush, ga-gush, ga-gush was perfectly syncopated with my slower and more steady paced heart beat. Baby’s was double mine at 160 beats per minute. Old wives have said that if it’s above 140 beats per minute then it’s probably a girl. We’ll see in a few short weeks.

After relishing in this precious miracle for what I deem as too short of a time, my doctor asked me how I was feeling. This week, I’ve been feeling pretty awesome in comparison to the last 11 weeks. She smiled and welcomed me to my second trimester.

I really have felt like a new person this week aside from some mild cramps from my stretching uterus. I have started working out, eating better, and I now enjoy being conscious. However, I have become a narcoleptic. Around 4:00 pm everyday, my body shuts down on me. I have to go home or stop whatever I am doing and take a nap.

Yesterday, we went to see The Hobbit, which I’ve been dying to see since it came out, and within the first 15 minutes, Zzzzzz. I was gone. I woke up about 30 minutes later and was able to watch the majority of the movie.

In addition to feeling better, I am not as worried. I have desperately been waiting this mark in the pregnancy because most miscarriages occur within the first 12 weeks. I know that it is still a possibility, but it is not as likely now, and for that I am highly grateful.

My appetite has come back with a bite. I’ve been desperately craving spicy foods, the hotter the better. I read on a few websites that if you crave spicy foods that your body is needing to cool down and that the capcasin found in peppers triggers your body’s sweat glands and causes your body to cool down. However, it is January in the mountains, so all I would need to do to cool down is step outside. Also, I read that if you crave spicy foods then you are more likely to have a boy. I really cannot wait until we can find out since my body is sending such mixed signals.

We went shopping yesterday and bought sprout a Christmas onsie and bib for next year. It’s gender neutral so we can use with all of our children.

Dear goodness, this is cute.

Dear goodness, this is cute.

Were you relieved to be out of your first trimester? Did your body give you mixed signals on the baby’s gender?



10 thoughts on “PREGNANCY: 12 Weeks

  1. It’s amazing to hear that first heartbeat and finding out the gender was both nerve-wrecking but fun and definitely worth it. You seem to be doing amazingly and grats on getting to your second trimester!

      • It’s funny. During the ultrasound I was able to hear the heartbeat so clearly, but at the doctor’s appointment where she just used the stick, I second guessed myself and had to ask if that was supposed to be the baby’s heartbeat…my husband just looked at me like “DUH!” haha…

  2. The heartbeat thing is not just an old wives tale, it can actually be pretty accurate. However, it doesn’t hold true until closer to the end of the pregnancy (and by that time, you’ll know the gender by the ultrasound anyway). I’m carrying a girl now, and her heartbeat is always right around 140 (I’m 21 weeks).
    I’m glad you’re feeling much better. I tend to be pretty sick through my entire pregnancies, but I am definitely better now than I was for the first several months. I still get really tired and take naps. Your body is making a human – it’s tough work.
    I craved spicy foods too, with all 3 of mine. And fruit.
    I love your posts and hearing about your journey. I’m excited for you 🙂

  3. William’s heartbeat was around 170 for a good bit of the pregnancy… And I couldn’t stand spicy food, it was hard to even eat anything with a little spice. The first time you hear the heartbeat is so amazing…hearing the life growing within you. As always, you look amazing!

  4. Congrats on all of the good news in your update. It is nice to follow along with you.
    I did not even know that I was pregnant (with Lance years ago) until I was into my 2nd trimester. I didn’t even know about trimesters or anything other than girls seem to have babies left and right (I was 18). In the beginning (my beginning),I did notice a LOSS of appetite and inability to tolerate normal food (some even favorites) but without morning sickness praise the Lord. I lost 18 lbs at first, but the doctor said it was normal. Ironically all of the favorites I could not tolerate in pregnancy, ended up being his favorites too… lol. I had severe heartburn all the way through and was not allowed to do anything other than milk for it. The wive’s tale I had been told was that I was feeling my baby’s hair grow. He was born with a head full of curls, had his 1st hair cut at 3 months old, and 3 cuts before he was 1 yr old.
    Thanks for sharing so much of your personal journey with us. Praying the best for you, Jon, and little one on the way. God loves you all 3 and so do I 🙂

    • Thanks for reading, Gail! I’ve heard that heartburn can be linked to a hairy baby. So far I haven’t had any, but it may come! All the things my mom craved when she was pregnant with me, I don’t really like now. I’m trying to eat a variety of things in addition to my cravings. Love you too!

  5. I was very glad to be out of the first trimester for the same reason as you! I’m not sure about the heartbeat thing – we did an ultrasound at 16 weeks that revealed a boy and a girl, and the heartbeats were almost identical.

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