14 weeks preggo

Sweet baby, you are getting so big! You’re making mommy’s belly sore with all of this growing you’ve been doing, but I couldn’t be more proud. You are able to suck your thumb, swallow your amniotic fluid and tinkle! You also have some little, downy hairs growing all over your body to keep you warm. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to hear your sweet heart beat next week.

Well this week has flown by. I have been feeling pretty good, I just have excessive exhaustion. I am not sleeping the best at night, so that is probably why. My wonderful husband bought me this amazing body pillow for Christmas that I have affectionately named Rosa because it is pink, plush, and my new favorite thing. She helps me to get comfy every night around midnight,  but I have been waking up around 3:30-4:00a.m. most nights wide awake and starving. It’s really hard for me to get back to sleep after waking up at this time, so I usually get back to sleep around 7:00 a.m. and sleep for a couple more hours.

I have started limiting my liquid intake before bed because it’s kind of a pain to have to go potty once me and Rosa get all situated. However, I’m usually most thirsty right as I lay down.

I have not felt much movement this week, which had me kind of worried, but since it is still early on I guess it is normal.

I lost three pounds at the earlier part of this week, so I tried really hard all week to get back to where I was, and this morning I had accomplished this difficult task, Woohoo!!!!

I’m still craving green smoothies and fruit. I’m not so big on spicy things still after my run in with some devil’s sauce, and I have not wanted too many sour things like I did early on. I have been wanting more sweet things, which I am not a sweets eater. I have also been wanting coffee, but I’m having to stay away from caffeine because it increases symptoms of anxiety and depression, so boo :P.

Other than just being tired, I am still feeling great. I am very happy, and counting down the days to our wedding anniversary which is coming up SO soon.

Did you have lots of exhaustion? What did you do to combat it?


4 thoughts on “PREGNANCY:14 Weeks

  1. Congratulations! You are about to embark on the most amazing journey. It’s the hardest thing you will EVER do being a mum but it is so worth it! All I can is get all the rest now while you can. because after bubs comes it’s even more exhausting! My daughter is 12 weeks old today and the absolute light of my life, but she is harder work than any job I’ve ever held! Nap when you can, try not to push your body too hard and enjoy the ride 🙂 ♥

    • Thanks and congratulations!!! When I feel bad for napping or sleeping too much, I try to remind myself that I won’t be able to do this soon. Making a baby is hard work, but I know it’s not nearly as difficult as taking care of a newborn. I’m looking forward to it!!

  2. i didnt have that promblem my caving was green apples and watr melon and lemonds and the sunday before i had daughter i ate 12 raw turnup do you know what you are having may GOD bless you and jon and the baby

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