15 weeks 001

Sweet baby, you are developing so well. Your heart rate is around 140 beat per minute. You are able to move fluid through your nose and respiratory system, and your legs are now growing longer than your arms. I feel you move every other day now, and it’s the greatest. We get to find out if you’re a boy or a girl in a little over three weeks!!

I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday. Hearing the heartbeat makes my heart soar.

I am going to a practice where there are four doctors, and I see them all throughout my pregnancy. So far, I’ve seen three of the four and I am completely sold on them. I was curious about whether or not I wanted to go the midwife route, but I’m so glad that I chose this way. Theirs is a Christian practice, and that’s so important to me. Knowing that I have doctors who will entrust me into the most capable hands of all, makes me very comfortable.

While meeting with my doctor this week, I had a ton of questions that I had written down, and he was more than willing to take his time to answer each of them with patience and kindness. Some doctors can come across as in a hurry and condescending, but my doctor this week was wonderful. He told me that I was the boss, which confirmed that I am at the right place :).

I have been extremely tired this week. Extremely. I basically slept all day Monday and all night. I really hope that this is completely attributed to baby growth and not to my compromised immune system fighting off some yuckiness.

My weight has fluctuated majorly in the last two weeks. First I lost a few pounds, then I gained a few pounds, and then I lost a couple more and was back down to my normal weight again this morning. I’m still at +1 lb.

I’ve been wanting sweet things this week, cinnabon, cake, hershey’s bar. I haven’t eaten so many sweet things in months, but it all just tasted so good!

I’m having some round ligament discomfort in my lower right quadrant, but I’ve been doing some mermaid stretches to help with this. I’ve also been kind of a grouch this week, but I think that is related to my excessive tiredness.

Next week is mine and my husband’s first year wedding anniversary, and I can’t wait to celebrate!


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