What I’m loving these days

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I’m loving bloglovin these days.

I’m loving that the weather is slowing creeping to a warmer temperature.

I’m loving playing the guitar and having my little princess kick my belly to the beat.

I’m loving holding my husband’s hand.

I’m loving snuggle times with my orange tabby.

I’m loving reading anything I can get my hands on.



19 Weeks 6 Days

                                                            19 Weeks 6 Days

What a week! We found out we are having a little girl, I felt her kick my hand which means that she is finally kicking hard enough for her daddy to feel, which he did, and the other morning I woke up and was able to see her kicking my insides like a drum! I’ve felt her flutter for about six weeks now, but it hasn’t been strong enough for me to feel with my hand until now!

Baby girl has been spoiled this week by her grandmother, she bought her lots of cute little shoes and clothes!

She is growing and growing! I’ve gained up to four pounds now, and my sides are very sore from the round ligament pain, and I am having sciatic pain from the depths of the underworld. I had to miss work one day this week because I couldn’t walk. My right leg is practically useless to me when it really flairs up. I’ve started chiropractic treatments this week to hopefully help me regain all mobility. It will be a long second half of my pregnancy if I can’t move around. When I am able to move without feeling like my leg is being cut off, I try to workout for 10 to 20 minutes, and I’ve noticed that this seems to help me feel more balanced.

I’m still craving sweet things, especially slushies this week. Fortunately we have a couple of Sonics here in town so I can get super sized Route 44 slushies if I feel the need.

I’m still able to fit into pretty much all of my clothes, I bought a belly band to help support the weight of my belly, and I’ve noticed this has helped with the pain in my sides.

I can’t believe that I am practically half way through this journey! I have been incredibly blessed to have this experience.

Do you remember the first time you saw your baby move in your belly? Did you have any sciatic problems, and how did you deal with it?


gender reveal 132

18 Weeks 5 Days

This week has been wonderful! Baby is fluttering around like a little butterfly. Most websites say that babies are under 7 ounces at this stage, but we had our second ultrasound today, and our baby is measuring in at 10 ounces!! Baby’s heart rate was 155 beats per minute, those sweet little arms and legs were moving all over the place.

I’m still craving sweet, and I’ve still only gained three pounds. My doctor said that everything looks wonderful!

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…..

Gender reveal

And if that is not clear, here are some shots of our gender reveal cake that we shared with our parents tonight…

gender reveal 128gender reveal 133WE ARE TICKLED PINK!

From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I knew that “it” was a SHE! Guess mama knows best, huh? If you voted on my poll in yesterday’s post you may have seen that Girl had the most votes. Seems like most people had the same hunch that I did. I know that my husband, my mom, and mother-in-law were all seeing pink.

I’ll write a separate post about what her name is later. There’s enough excitement in this post already!

Vote Now: Predict the Gender of our Child

So this is a big week in our household since we get to find out what the gender of our little sprout is.

There are many wives tales that I’ve encountered along my nearly 19 week journey and below are some that I’ve tested.

1. Girls steal beauty from the mother. I’ve had acne like a teenager for the last four and half months so I would say this one points to GIRL.

2. If you carry low then it’s a boy. I’m already having trouble buttoning some of pants because of my belly. But the baby is still right at or just below my naval, but we’ll ignore that and say a this point this suggests a BOY.

3. If the baby’s heartbeat is above 140 beats per minute then it is a girl. Every time we’ve been into the doctor’s office to hear it, it has been over 140 so GIRL.

4. If you have cold feet and dry hands then it’s a boy. Despite the fact that it’s winter in the mountains, my feet have been colder and my hands dryer than usual, BOY.

5. They say if you crave sweets then it’s a girl. I only want sweet juice and sugar all day long, GIRL.

6. If you do not look pregnant from behind, it’s a boy. I’ve heard from several people that I barely look pregnant from the side and not at all from behind so BOY.

With these odds we want to know what you think. We have our hunches, but these  old wives tales sure do make it confusing. So cast your vote about what you think baby sprout is.

Breastfeeding Has Always Been a Yes

Before I even became pregnant, my thoughts on breastfeeding were pretty concrete. I was going to do it, and that was that. In my mind of black and white it was a pretty simple solution for me to solve. There are numerous benefits to it, and really nothing bad about it so why not do it?

Now that I am expecting, I am reading everything I can get my eyes on about pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum care, and  early child rearing. Among these pieces of information, I have often read about how breastfeeding lowers the risk of colds, SIDS, ear and respiratory infections as well as diabetes and obesity.  Breastfeeding is also free and provides one of many special ways for mothers and babies to bond.

Harvard Medical School just released a study stating that “$13 billion in health-care costs would be saved if 80 percent to 90 percent of women nursed for at least 6 months.” That’s a huge chunk of cash!

Among my research, I’ve also encountered some information that I would have never thought of prior to being pregnant. What if I can’t breastfeed? There are many women who cannot produce enough milk for their babies, and there are some babies who just won’t breastfeed. These are issues that are still present even after talking with a lactation consultant, midwives, doctors, and anyone else who may be able to help. However, most women can successfully breastfeed after seeking guidance from one these assistants.

I’m glad that I stumbled upon this nugget of information several weeks ago so that I can plan what to do if I am unable to produce enough milk for the baby. Fortunately I will be giving birth in a baby friendly hospital where there are many resources to help me begin this journey. (For a list of baby friendly hospitals click here).

So mamas, did you have issues with breastfeeding? Do you have any tips or advice on getting started? What are your thoughts?

PREGNANCY: 17 weeks

17 weeks 001

I am 17 weeks and 6 days so I’m barely under the mark for getting this post in.

The little bambino is chugging right along growing rapidly and moving like crazy. This little baby is going to be musical and/or a dancer I’m convinced because it already grooves to most music I play as well as when I sing. Sprout has little fingerprint and little bones in its body are starting to ossify.

Overall I’m feeling wonderful. I’m just super tired. I’ve finally come to the realization that my body needs about 10 good hours of sleep for me to feel rested upon rising. I’m a night owl, but I need to start hitting the hay a couple of hours earlier to accommodate my sleeping needs.

My cravings haven’t changed all too much. I really just want sweet things most of the time. I’m not a sweets eater. I’m the type of gal who does not really like chocolate, but now I could eat sweets for every meal. I’ve read that my blood sugar may be low and that I definitely need to up my protein and fat intake which I do not get enough of because I’m not a huge meat eater. So I’ve been throwing back omelets with a piece of whole wheat french toast every now and then to try to balance everything out.

 I’ve only gained three pounds which puts me right on target for where I was wanting to be at this time. Almost all of my clothes still fit me with the exception of a couple of pairs of pants that come up higher on my waist, they still zip and button but hurt so they’re retired for now.

We get to find out if we’re having a boy or girl next week, and I cannot wait. By this time next week our baby will most likely have an official name!

Did you find out what the baby’s gender was before birth? If so, did you have names picked out when you went to find out?





This week has been so busy. On Monday, my husband and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary in NYC, and after spending a few days in the world’s favorite city we came back home totally exhausted. It was such a special trip though.

This week I’ve been feeling pretty good aside from being super tired like I always am. I’ve been craving sweet juice like apple or grape just about every day, and at one point while we were in NYC I would have traded in my boots and walked around barefoot in the freezing cold for a sip of cran-apple juice. I was pretty desperate. Luckily I didn’t have to do that though ;).

This week, Sprout has finger nails and is pumping 25 quarts of blood through the tiny circulatory system. I’ve felt lots of movement which is my favorite thing, and I’ve had lots of round ligament stretching pains so my lower abdomen is poking out more and more.

People are just now starting to notice my belly, and I can’t help but covet those fuller and larger baby bumps of those further along than I am. I know will turn will come soon enough. =)

I’m up in weight this week too! Probably because I indulged in several slices of pizza and some cheesecake while up north, but it is was amazing so I don’t care. I’m back to eating healthy again now that I am home, but my doctor did say that it is OK from time to time to enjoy junk food while you’re pregnant as long as you don’t make a habit of it.

In less than two weeks we get to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. I’m just about beside myself. I absolutely cannot wait to know so that we can give Sprout an official name!