PREGNANCY: 17 weeks

17 weeks 001

I am 17 weeks and 6 days so I’m barely under the mark for getting this post in.

The little bambino is chugging right along growing rapidly and moving like crazy. This little baby is going to be musical and/or a dancer I’m convinced because it already grooves to most music I play as well as when I sing. Sprout has little fingerprint and little bones in its body are starting to ossify.

Overall I’m feeling wonderful. I’m just super tired. I’ve finally come to the realization that my body needs about 10 good hours of sleep for me to feel rested upon rising. I’m a night owl, but I need to start hitting the hay a couple of hours earlier to accommodate my sleeping needs.

My cravings haven’t changed all too much. I really just want sweet things most of the time. I’m not a sweets eater. I’m the type of gal who does not really like chocolate, but now I could eat sweets for every meal. I’ve read that my blood sugar may be low and that I definitely need to up my protein and fat intake which I do not get enough of because I’m not a huge meat eater. So I’ve been throwing back omelets with a piece of whole wheat french toast every now and then to try to balance everything out.

 I’ve only gained three pounds which puts me right on target for where I was wanting to be at this time. Almost all of my clothes still fit me with the exception of a couple of pairs of pants that come up higher on my waist, they still zip and button but hurt so they’re retired for now.

We get to find out if we’re having a boy or girl next week, and I cannot wait. By this time next week our baby will most likely have an official name!

Did you find out what the baby’s gender was before birth? If so, did you have names picked out when you went to find out?


4 thoughts on “PREGNANCY: 17 weeks

  1. I had 2 ultrasounds my last week or so because I was going on a month over due. In both, Anthoni (Lance) had his legs crossed. My grandmother and the doctor both got a kick out of it. My grandmother said it was his way of saying, “That’s none of your business.” My doctor was excited to be able deliver like a “real” doctor, as he said he rarely got the privilege to be the first one to know or tell the news like in the old days.
    It is so exciting keeping up with your progress. Do you take vitamins? I remember they had me taking vitamins and iron pills on a regular basis. Praying the best for you. Looking forward to hearing the name joining your family tree :). God loves you.

    • Thanks so much! That’s a really funny story. I’ve heard that if you drink a little decaf coffee before going in that that will get the baby to squirming so there’s a better chance being able to see what it is. I’m going to try it out and see if it works. I’m on a lot of supplements now. I’m taking a regular prenatal vitamin a DHA pill and some L-lysine for my skin. They’re all huge and hard to swallow, but I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I feel. I’ve never been very good at taking my vitamins until I got pregnant.

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