Vote Now: Predict the Gender of our Child

So this is a big week in our household since we get to find out what the gender of our little sprout is.

There are many wives tales that I’ve encountered along my nearly 19 week journey and below are some that I’ve tested.

1. Girls steal beauty from the mother. I’ve had acne like a teenager for the last four and half months so I would say this one points to GIRL.

2. If you carry low then it’s a boy. I’m already having trouble buttoning some of pants because of my belly. But the baby is still right at or just below my naval, but we’ll ignore that and say a this point this suggests a BOY.

3. If the baby’s heartbeat is above 140 beats per minute then it is a girl. Every time we’ve been into the doctor’s office to hear it, it has been over 140 so GIRL.

4. If you have cold feet and dry hands then it’s a boy. Despite the fact that it’s winter in the mountains, my feet have been colder and my hands dryer than usual, BOY.

5. They say if you crave sweets then it’s a girl. I only want sweet juice and sugar all day long, GIRL.

6. If you do not look pregnant from behind, it’s a boy. I’ve heard from several people that I barely look pregnant from the side and not at all from behind so BOY.

With these odds we want to know what you think. We have our hunches, but these  old wives tales sure do make it confusing. So cast your vote about what you think baby sprout is.


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