19 Weeks 6 Days

                                                            19 Weeks 6 Days

What a week! We found out we are having a little girl, I felt her kick my hand which means that she is finally kicking hard enough for her daddy to feel, which he did, and the other morning I woke up and was able to see her kicking my insides like a drum! I’ve felt her flutter for about six weeks now, but it hasn’t been strong enough for me to feel with my hand until now!

Baby girl has been spoiled this week by her grandmother, she bought her lots of cute little shoes and clothes!

She is growing and growing! I’ve gained up to four pounds now, and my sides are very sore from the round ligament pain, and I am having sciatic pain from the depths of the underworld. I had to miss work one day this week because I couldn’t walk. My right leg is practically useless to me when it really flairs up. I’ve started chiropractic treatments this week to hopefully help me regain all mobility. It will be a long second half of my pregnancy if I can’t move around. When I am able to move without feeling like my leg is being cut off, I try to workout for 10 to 20 minutes, and I’ve noticed that this seems to help me feel more balanced.

I’m still craving sweet things, especially slushies this week. Fortunately we have a couple of Sonics here in town so I can get super sized Route 44 slushies if I feel the need.

I’m still able to fit into pretty much all of my clothes, I bought a belly band to help support the weight of my belly, and I’ve noticed this has helped with the pain in my sides.

I can’t believe that I am practically half way through this journey! I have been incredibly blessed to have this experience.

Do you remember the first time you saw your baby move in your belly? Did you have any sciatic problems, and how did you deal with it?


4 thoughts on “PREGNANCY: 19 Weeks

  1. Oh girl… I had the WORST leg issues- with 1st and 2nd pregnancies… My first it was so bad I felt like I needed a wheel chair. I tried everything, more water, chiro, magnesium, belly bands, support hose, bananas like crazy… When it started again with my second- my midwife had my blood tested and I was actually very vitamin d deficient! I went on a concentrated vitamin d drop supplement and my leg pain/issues went away almost immediately. I’d highly reccommend uping your vitamin d- esp. since it’s winter and sweet little Lovella is sucking it out of you 😉 !

    • I’ll keep that in mind. My mom took extra vitamin D and magnesium when she had some back issues and it helped a ton. I have a cluster of pinched nerves toward the base of my spine because my of how my hip joints are shifting and it’s really the most annoying thing ever. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I’ve been experiencing sciatic pain as well. My word, does it hurt. I hope the therapy proves useful. I am so close to being done I am just hoping the pain will go away once baby is here.

    And let’s hear it for slushies! They are the best these days for me too 🙂

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