27 weeks 6 days

27 weeks 6 days


How far along? 27 weeks and 6 Days in this picture.

Total weight gain: +17lbs.
Maternity clothes?This is a cute maternity top that I found at the Goodwill. I like it so much, that I’ll probably continue to wear it forever postpartum. I discovered that I still have a pair of jeans that I can button, and nearly all of my tops still fit, they’re just becoming a little more short. I’m hoping to not have to buy any more clothes. I haven’t bought too many already, and would like to keep it that way. More to spend on baby!
Stretch marks? NONE!
Sleep: Sleep has been good. Crazy dreams have returned though.
Best moment this week: Hanging out with some cool 4th graders.
Miss Anything?: Not having heartburn at night.
Movement: My mom got see her punch and kick me this week, which she got a kick out of. I’m noticing lots of rolling and twisting. I especially love when she flutters around when I’m worshiping.
Food cravings: Peanuts, almonds, trail mix. Bring on the vitamin E and protein!
Anything making you queasy or sick? OK, so the heartburn hasn’t been terrible this week. I’m learning how to feed myself just enough to stave off hunger but not overload my stomach. My mom brought me some papaya enzyme supplements that help with it as well.
Gender: GIRL
Labor Signs: Major, macho Braxton Hicks. I was almost scared at one point this week because I had several contractions over a 5 hour stretch.
Belly Button in or out? In, but itโ€™s stretching.

Rings on or off? On!
Happy or Moody: Happy.

Reading: My husband and I are still reading through Husband Coached Childbirth and Iโ€™ve been diving into Hypnobirthing which I am loving.

This week has been wonderful. Maybe it’s the beautiful sunshine or maybe because I’ve made 2/3 of the way through this journey, but I’m feeling great. I’ve been walking over a mile everyday over the last few weeks which has only been accomplished by regularly attending my chiropractic therapy which truly has made worlds and worlds of difference for me.

I was able to jog a mile for the first time since my 1st trimester this week, which was followed by a couple of days of very mild leg and lower back pain, but my chiro just adjusted my entire spine (my pelvis was completely out of place) and I was feeling groovy again in no time. I am so grateful to the Lord and my husband for being able to be out of work at this time and to receive the right therapy because I would have certainly ended up in a wheelchair had there not been some intervention.

I’ve been feeling nesty lately, but not as much as my husband. First he straightened out the nursery then he did a deep cleaning of our bathroom. My house has never looked better! He’s so cute. I can’t help but smile when I think about what a great daddy he’ll be.


9 thoughts on “PREGNANCY: 27 Weeks

  1. I know its hard but try not to freak out about the BH too much unless you start to get 4-6 within an hour. I say that having made 3 hospital visits bc of them between weeks 22-26. Even then I had 4 hours worth of BH consistently at 8 min apart and it still wasn’t causing any cervical change. Obviously carrying twins makes me more prone to them but some people are just more prone in general. A friend of mine who is a physical therapist had a singleton pregnancy and said she had them consistently through the entire pregnancy – even up to 4-6 an hour. As long as they aren’t causing cervical change they are just an annoyance. A freaky one though for sure

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