35 Weeks 6 Days

                                                          35 Weeks 6 Days

How far along? 35 weeks and 6 Days in this picture.

Total weight gain: +25lbs.

Maternity clothes? Not in this pic. I bought this dress in Times Square when I was about 4 months pregnant in hopes that it would stretch with me, and it has done just that!

Stretch marks? NONE!

Sleep: Some nights I can’t sleep at all. Other nights, like last night, I become almost comatose.

Best moment this week: Celebrating Father’s Day with my sweet hubby!

Miss Anything?: Not really

Movement: Her movements are slowing down a bit it seems. I still feel her every hour, but she’s not quite as active.

Food cravings: Nothing really this week. I do have my appetite, however, because I’m pretty sure this little bundle has dropped!! She still occasionally kicks me in the ribs when I’m sitting down, but most of her movement is down low, lots of pressure, and much more room for my poor stomach which means that I’m hungry again for the first time in weeks!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really.

Gender: GIRL

Labor Signs: I only had consistent contractions one day this week which was Monday. They were coming every 3 minutes lasting about 40 seconds so I quickly laid down and popped a benadryl with slowed them considerably. But if that happens this coming week, I don’t have to stop them!!!!!!

Belly Button in or out? In for the most part. The bottom part of it sometime pokes out like a pouting lip.

Rings on or off? On when I’m not too hot. Heat makes me swell.

Happy or Moody: Happy. Irritable. Cranky. Energized. Restless.

Reading: Christ Centered Childbirth which is so encouraging, and I decided to pick up Childbirth Without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read. He was referenced pretty heavily in the Bradley books, so I thought I’d give it whirl. I find it very interesting the psychology behind how fear makes pain so much worse. I can recognize it in my life, and I am preparing myself to not allow fear into the birthing room.

I’ve been very nesty and restless this week. I’m sort of sad that this pregnancy is almost over, but at times I’m so ready to go into labor that I can hardly stand it. I try to remind myself that never again in our lives, mine and my baby’s, will we be as close as we are now. I love her so much and absolutely cannot wait to meet her.


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