37 Weeks 6 Days

             37 Weeks 6 Days – so unbelievably ready to meet my wombmate.

How far along? 37 weeks and 6 Days in this picture.

Total weight gain: +27lbs.

Maternity clothes? My capris are but not my shirt.

Stretch marks? NONE!

Sleep: Pretty lousy except for the last two nights. One night I woke up and was certain that the baby had flipped and was now breech. I had like a four hour panic attack over this. The next night I woke up with serious cramping in my lower back and abdomen unlike anything I have felt since I’ve been pregnant. It was not unbearable just incredibly uncomfortable, so no sleep that night. I also thought it might be back labor, but at this point my water is going to have to break, and I’m going to have to be in excruciating pain for me to even think that something is going on.

Best moment this week: Learning that the baby is NOT breech, rather she is head down and very engaged. I am a complete 2cm dilated and about 70% effaced.

Miss Anything?: Not really

Movement: Sporadic. I finally caught her moving on video though. Throughout the whole pregnancy as soon as I would pull out the camera, she would stop.

Food cravings: So one night I had this overwhelming desire to have a cream soda with strawberry ice cream.  This is what it looked like. It was surprisingly tasty.


Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really.

Gender: GIRL

Labor Signs: My water has not broken, and I have not had any type of unbearable contractions so no.

Belly Button in or out? In for the most part. The bottom part of it sometime pokes out like a pouting lip.

Rings on or off? On when I’m not too hot.

Happy or Moody:RESTLESS. CRANKY. DONE. Sometimes pretty happy though.

Reading: I’m done reading birth related things. I have read every book my tiny library has to offer on the subject. I know more than I should, and none of it can tell me when this little darling will be born.



This little sweetie painted my toesies for me this week. I can still reach my toes, but I figured that I should let him do it while there was still time. He did a fabulous job. I should have let him do it months ago.image

Today we drove to this little tourist trap town about 25 miles outside of the city and had lunch and ice cream. We’re enjoying spending as much time together while it’s still just us.

Some days I feel like I will be pregnant forever. I’m trying to enjoy having her so close to me since this is the last time in our whole lives that she will be this close to me.



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