Happy Quarter Life, My Dear

Happy Birthday! It’s hard to believe that this is the fifth birthday we’ve celebrated together as a couple and the seventh as friends.

You are a quarter of a century old, and you’ve spent a fifth of your life as mine. I look forward to turning that fifth into a few more quarters.

However that is enough math talk seeing as you are the one that is numerically gifted, and I am not.

What I really wanted to say is that I am so glad that you were born. Because you were born, my life has been incredibly enriched. You are the greatest blessing I’ve been given aside from my salvation, and for you I am eternally grateful.

You have a way about you that continually draws me back to you. I’m never bored by you, but constantly intrigued by your selflessness, relentless love, and your adorable wit.

I sit back and think about what I could’ve done to deserve such an amazing husband, and all I can conclude is that you are the grace of my life, the unmerited, tangible favor of God, hand crafted and designed by the creator of the universe just for little ole me.

You have been a sterling representation of His love for me, and it is my supreme honor to call you my husband.

So my dear I hope you know that today and everyday I celebrate the day that you were born.







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