Two Months, Too Cute


You are now two whole months old! You weigh 11lbs. 8 oz. and you are 23 in. tall. Your little noggin is measuring at 15in. around. You are in size 1 diapers, and you wear 0-3 month clothes.

You become more alert each day! You’ve been smiling for weeks, and you are starting to giggle. This absolutely melts my heart of course.

The other day I was playing my guitar and singing, and you decided to sing along with me. I hope we can do that a lot as you grow up.

You have met just about everyone in the family. Everyone loves you so much. When we are out, people constantly comment on how beautiful you are, what great hair you have, and how strong you are. Your daddy and I are of course very proud of you.

You’ve always been so great about holding your head up and you’ve begun to push up onto your legs. You can stand holding your own weight as long as we steady you.

You like to play with daddy, but when you are sleepy, mama’s the one you want. I snuggle you every night and pray sweet blessings over you while you dose off. You sleep through the night now, a great feat that your mommy can’t even do. The longest you’ve slept at once is nine hours but you average between six or seven. I really hope this lasts.

We love you so much. I just stare at you all day long. Your grandparents are absolutely over the moon for you! You are currently the family’s favorite.




Sitting up


Riding in the car

Your feet

Mommy’s hair

Daddy’s gotee


Lying down while awake

Loud noises

Tummy time



Happy two months, my beautiful daughter.


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