Month Three, Cute as Can Be

Well my dear, you’re a quarter of a year old.

Over the last month you’ve stayed in two hotels, slept up to ten hours straight, and learned to roll over from your belly to your back.

You’ve started sleeping in your crib, something we didn’t plan on trying until you were a full three months old, but you outgrew your little sleeper beside our bed! You like the space to move around, which you typically start with your head on one end and wake up in the morning at the complete opposite end. As much as I love you, I like not waking up every time you make a move.

You are in size two diapers and weigh just under 13 pounds. Most of your 0-3 month clothing is too small because you are so long. I’ve started putting you into more 3-6 month outfits to accommodate your length.

You recognize your family, and quickly greet them with a smile.

You continue to be a bright spot in our lives. You are always quick to smile, and when you giggle, my heart melts.

A warm towel after bath time

Walks outside


Talking to daddy

Snuggling with mommy

Chewing on your hands


Your car seat

Sometimes bedtime

Eating from a bottle

Sitting still for too long

May you grow big and strong, full of love, kindness, and compassion. May you do the Lord’s will for your life and be overflowing with joy.

Mommy and daddy love you so much!


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