Life Postpartum

I faithfully chronicled my pregnancy and the first few months of my daughters life, but I have not taken the time to dish about myself postpartum.

If you read my birth story, you know that I had a rather easy labor and delivery. Because of that, I had a gentle recovery with very little pain.

Physically I have done wonderfully. My body shrank down to its normal size with no last minute stretch marks creeping up, and I’m only carrying four pounds in excess of my pre-pregnancy weight.

I was hit immediately by postpartum depression, but I combatted it with antidepressants which seem to keep me even mooded. I was initially concerned with taking  meds because I didn’t want it to bother the baby since I breastfeed, but I figured that I didn’t want to risk my baby having a severely depressed and possibly suicidal mother. So I opted to medicate, and
she hasn’t seemed troubled by it in the least.

I think I get enough rest, but I wish I had more time to workout. I try to do what I can, in the little time I have though. We definitely like to go on walks, but with this cold snap in our mountains, we have not been able to do that as often.

I know my body would benefit greatly from some good core exercise. My lower back is constantly aching due to weakened tummy muscles. My diastisis recti has completely closed, however. That was one of my greatest concerns about my body while I was still pregnant.

Recently, my hormones have been behaving poorly. I have developed a bit of an allergy to my wedding rings. Never has gold irritated my skin, but I cannot wear my rings without experiencing insatiable itching accompanied by a red, flaky rash on my finger.

Just this week I’ve noticed my hair falling out… by the handfuls. I didn’t notice my hair getting any thicker throughout my pregnancy, I suppose I did not shed a lot. Now I notice hair everywhere, in the shower, on the floor, loads of it in my brushes, clutched in my babies fists. It’s kind of annoying.

Other than being a balding, itchy, hunchback, I feel astonishingly content. I love being a mother so much more than I ever thought possible, and I can totally see why some people have 10 or more kids. I have never felt such joy, love, and fulfillment. I am so blessed and incredibly thankful for the support I’ve received from my husband and family. This experience would be totally different without them.


4 thoughts on “Life Postpartum

  1. Ugh. I’m sorry you got slammed by postpartum depression but am glad you took care of yourself and that you find the meds helpful. I had a weird hormone thing to accompany my hair falling out – peeling skin! A whole layer of skin peeled off my hands and chest! I felt like a snake!

  2. It amazing how having children changes your body in ways you don’t expect. For me, I stopped growing hair on my legs during most of my second pregnancy! Even now it’s scarce, but the hair on my head is so much thicker. Like yours it got brittle and dry and some fell out, but then it got better than before. But, as I am sure you can understand I would do it all again 10 times over. Sorry about the ppd though.

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