Thankful for Sweet Dreams

In the pale morning hours, I was awoken by my sweet daughter. She’s much more of a morning person than I will ever be, always greeting me or her daddy with a big toothless grin.

After her feeding this morning, her daddy took her out of the room and gave me one of the best gifts- a couple of more hours of rest.

During this time, my mind wandered into a detailed state of dreaming.

I was in a hospital room, visiting with some friends and their babies, I had my daughter with me as well. No one was sick though. I don’t really know why we were in a hospital.

The next thing I knew, my mom had come in, and I heard my friend say something about my dad, then my mom said “you need to come be with your dad.”

Clearly I was confused because my dad died over a decade ago. Nevertheless I followed her, demanding answers. I asked her what he looked like, if I’d be shaken by his appearance. She simply said he looked normal and that the nurses think he may have longer than they originally thought.

I walked in his room, saw him hooked up to all sorts of machines. Tears filled my eyes as a rushed by his bed. “Daddy it’s me, I didn’t know you were here” I cried. Slowly he raised his hand and touched my face.

I asked him if was ready to meet the Lord, and if he was certain of his salvation. He looked at me with curious grin, and nodded. My heart was overwhelmed with joy.

I showed him my daughter, and he tried to tickle her foot making her giggle.

I was overjoyed to see him, but so angry that I was told he was already dead. I kept apologizing, telling him I’d have been there everyday had I known he was there.

When I wake up from dreams like these, it always takes me a minute to decipher reality from my dreams, and they stick with me all day.

I do not dream of him often, but when I do, I always acknowledge that he has passed on and we just visit with each other briefly. I don’t know what dreams like these mean or if I even believe that people can really visit you in your dreams. But this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for so many things, particularly I am thankful that my husband let me sleep in a little so that I could spend this holiday with my daddy.


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