Funny Wisdom Teeth Aftermath

Two weeks ago, I had the great privilege of having my lower wisdom teeth removed. I went into the surgery actually looking forward to it because my teeth have been hurting for a while. This surgery was way overdue. My doctor said that there are four levels of difficulty to removing wisdom teeth and that mine were a level one meaning that my surgery was easy peasy. I had very little swelling and pain, and had an overall good recovery. My husband thought it would be cute to film my immediate recovery post surgery, and here is the result. Hope you have a good laugh at my expense.


My Little Five Month Old

You are five months old today! I cannot mentally grasp how quickly time has escaped me.

You seem to change everyday, becoming more active and aware of the big world that surrounds you.

At this stage you are wearing 3-6 month onesies and 6-9 month pants. We think you may be a tall one. You are still in size two diapers. I still put you in cloth diapers every now and then, but I don’t particularly like cleaning up the big poopy mess off of me, you, and the diaper.

In the last month, you started on solid foods once a day. You are also getting better at sitting on your own. You sit in the tripod position by yourself for a few seconds at a time. I think you’ll be sitting up with no problems by the first of the year.

So up to this point, you have mastered rolling over (more about this in a second), you are grasping and holding on to things like a crab, you’re beginning to do the pincher grab, you giggle and babble, you track like a huntress, you push up on your knees like you want to crawl, you blow bubbles and trill, you grab the spoon from my hand and try to feed yourself, you sleep an average of 10 hours a night, and you don’t like to have mommy leave your sight :).

About you rolling over, daddy was watching you one morning while letting me sleep in, he laid you on the activity mat in the living room and walked into the kitchen. When he came back, you were gone. Scared him to death, but you were nested cozily under the coffee table you roly poly you.

I haven’t measured you lately, but I bet you are close to 15lbs. and between 26-27 inches long.

You have such sweetness about you. You smile at all who greet you. You are such a joy to be around.

Your likes:


Daddy’s facial hair

Splashing at bath time

Walks outside


Pears and bananas




Your car seat

Getting your legs caught in the side of your crib

Being away from mama

You are a gem, my sweet girl. Keep growing in beauty and in grace. May the Lord bless you and smile upon you. We are so proud of you!

How to make friends postpartum

Being a mom and being social is just difficult.

I see some moms who are social champions. They attend every MOPs meeting, go to weekly stroller workouts, keep up with their blogs, hang out with their girlfriends, and manage to look fierce doing so.

I on the other hand do well to wear something other than yesterday’s yoga pants that I did not do yoga in, wash my hair, take the laundry out of the washer that has been washed three times in the last four days because I keep forgetting about it and it insists on harboring that lovely scent of mildew, oh and feeding my cat and myself.

Attending a social gathering is not something that I can do well at this time, but I cannot help but feel lonely sometimes. I am absolutely mad about spending my everyday all day with my sweet little, but there is something about adult conversation that I desperately crave. I try my best to touch base with what few friends I have every couple of weeks, but if I have trouble finishing my laundry in a timely fashion, then I am going to have problems keeping in constant contact with people that I truly do care about.

When I was pregnant, I prepared myself mostly for labor, and somewhat for the postpartum me. However, I did not plan on dealing with how hard it is to find time to spend with friends or even just how awkward it can be when I do. I am aggravatingly shy to the bone, so I already have a difficult time starting and continuing conversations with people, even those I know well. However, now I have become so used to people admiring and falling all over the baby, that it’s hard for me to step out from behind her shadow and talk about something other than her.

I like being able to sit her in my lap and have people talk all about her and focus solely on her. Most people don’t really care about me, and I am actually OK with that. But when I am around people who don’t really want to talk all about my baby because they have a child around the same age or simply because they don’t really know anything about babies, I am kind of at a loss for what to say because my world stopped in July, and everything between delivery and right now has been all about taking care of my child. When I do try to be social, it is exhausting.

So how do you make friends after having a baby? How do you maintain friendships? I am all to familiar with outgrowing friends, but is there a way to avoid that after a baby comes?

Do any other mamas feel like this? What do you do?