I Resolve 2014

Reviewing my resolutions from last year, I must say that I kept more of them than not. That is quite the accomplishment for me considering I’m incredibly good at starting projects only to leave them incomplete.

This year I want to keep it simple. I have a half-year old, a stud husband, and a cozy mountain cottage to manage, and efficiency is my favorite way to do things. Therefore I need to be able to stretch myself but do so in a way that I won’t stress myself.

So here it goes.

I resolve….

To read, learn, and memorize as much as I can the words that Jesus spoke in the Bible.

To respect my husband more, dance with him more, read with him more, and focus more on him not just as the father of my child but as the lover of my lifetime.

To document my girl’s milestones, love on her more (done), and to learn more about being a parent from her and others and occasionally books.

To spend more time with family and friends.

To take more classes, get better at photography,  and to make things and sell them.

To get healthy. Bye-bye junky non-foods, hello nutritious real foods.

To run a race.

To perform on stage, not just singing but acting/dancing. It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve done this.

2013 was a wonderful year. I want to make this year even better.

Happy New Year!!!


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