Happy Half Year!

You are six months old today! How did this happen? I can’t believe that a half a year ago you were born.

You have grown to be such a big girl! You are sitting on your own, although you are still a little wobbly at times. You are grabbing for just about everything, and you are babbling up a storm. You say Ma-ma a lot, though I don’t think you fully realize that is my name. 🙂

You make the cutest faces, I swear. You have all along, but you’ve grown to perfect them for sure. You like to crinkle you nose and blow air in and out of your nose really fast like you are building up steam, and it’s just about the most adorable thing ever.

You like to play with my face when I nurse you or daddy’s when he feeds you a bottle. You act like you want to just stand up and walk and get a little frustrated when your body won’t let you.

You weigh over 15 lbs. are 26 and 3/4 inches, and you wear from 3-6 months onesies and 6-9 month pants. You are quite tall, my dear. You are still in size two diapers.

In the last month you celebrated your first Christmas, saw your first snow, and welcomed your first new year. You loved opening your presents on Christmas morning, you piled all of them on your lap like a little hoarder. You’ll see the video one day. 🙂

I can’t believe that you are growing to be such a big girl. I love more with each passing day, and I look forward to the next half a year of your life.


Eating: milk, cereal, fruits

Gus the cat (though he’s not as fond of you, I’m afraid)

Bath time (You love to splash)

Playing with daddy

Being held most of the day

Walks outside (though we can’t do them everyday now because it’s too cold)


Naptime (or going to sleep in general)


Loud noises

Being still

This song was playing at the moment of your birth, and I still cry when I hear it. I never take a moment we have together for granted. I’m certainly not a perfect mommy, and I feel like a failure most days, but I am always for grateful for the blessing that you are.


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