8 Months!


You made it to month 8! You’re closer to being a one year old than you are to being a newborn. I am completely amazed by how beautifully and quickly you have grown. Your personality comes out more daily.

You are fairly outgoing, always quick to smile at new people. You wave hello, give high fives, and have an arsenal of different laughs ready to pull out at any given moment. You are always very interested in new babies.

You are in size 3 diapers, wear 6-9 month onesies, 9-12 month pants, and still no shoes. You’re just not a fan of them, like your mama. You probably weigh around 17 lbs. and I haven’t measured your height this month, but you go to the Dr. next month so we can just wait until then.

To this date, you can sit very well, you can stand when supported, you roll around the floor like a log, but you can almost crawl so that will probably be your next mode of transportation. You pull up on things and say “mama” and “dada” as well as this kind of “hey/hi” greeting phrase.

You eat fruits, veggies, cereals, and as of today, cottage cheese. I haven’t given you any meat yet, and honestly I am in no rush to. I eat meat only a few times a week, and besides, you don’t even have teeth yet so it doesn’t make sense for you to eat meat any ways. Speaking of teeth, I’m glad you don’t have any yet because you’ve recently started doing the biting thing when you nurse which is quite uncomfortable with just your little gummies.

Spring is almost here in our mountains, in fact we’ve had a few moderately warm days which means we’ve been to your favorite place, the outdoors! You love going for walks/runs, swinging in the baby swings at the park, playing the grass, and mommy loves it too. You especially love the wind kissing those juicy cheeks while I run. You don’t know I can see you, but I love to look down to see you raising your hands, snarling that nose, and grinning while your hair blows wildly in the breeze.

Your Likes:

Being outside

Daddy’s goatee

When daddy comes home from work

Bath time

Gus the cat

Books, this really excites me by the way

Seeing your grandparents and uncles

Watching mommy dance


Your carseat

Afternoon naps

Sometimes getting your diaper changed

Some veggies

Having something taken away before you have properly examined it

My dear sweet child, you are a complete and utter joy, and I relish every moment I have watching you develop. I am so glad that you are here, and I am so glad that I am your mommy. You could line up all the baby girls in the world, and I would infinitely choose you. Stay bright and full joy!


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