9 Months!

Sweet girl,

You have been out of belly for as long as you were in it! I rub my eyes in disbelief over the fact that you have grown so quickly and so beautifully.

You are spunky, funny, sweet, and incredibly smart.

You like to growl, giggle, make faces, and play hard.

You are going to the doctor today, so we’ll see how much you weigh and how tall you are. You wear size 3 diapers, 6-12 month onesies, 9-12 month pants, and 6-12 month shoes, which are still a bit big on your tiny foot. You just might take after mama and her child sized foot.

In the last month, you learned to crawl, to sit yourself up, and to pull up to standing for several seconds. You haven’t really picked up any new words, still just mama and dada, but I think you were trying to say Gus last night, or Guh I should say, while you were playing with him.

I’ve been teaching you a few signs, but you haven’t signed back yet although you seem to act like you know what they mean.

You are still just eating breastmilk, fruits, veggies, and cereals.


Elmo’s World


Playing at the park


Playing with Dada

Snuggling Mama

Bath time


Most veggies

when we tell you no or take something away from you

the carseat

sitting still


You are an absolute delight, my dear. Keep shining, smiling, and learning. You are a special one for sure.




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