10 Months, double digits!

My sweet girl, 

You are 10 months old today! I can’t believe that you are two months away from being a year old. I seriously cannot wrap my mind around these last several months. You have went from being totally dependent on me to being a curiously adventurous little dare devil.

In our opinion, you are a genius. Up to this point you say “Mama,” “Dada,” “Hi,” “Gu,” (for Gus). You sign “more” and “all done.” You are the baby of a thousand faces, and you keep up rolling with your plethora of expressions. You crawl all over the place, and you pull up on whatever is still. You even cruise a little bit too.

You took your first big trip this past month. We took a five hour flight across the country, and you did an amazing job. You didn’t fuss once on any of the plane rides. I was super impressed!

You are still in size 3 diapers, you eat fruits, veggies, cereal, and yogurt. I give you coconut milk every now and then, and you like it a lot too. You are still nursing about four times a day too. You wear 6-12 month shirts, 9-12 month pants, and your feet are small like Mama’s so you typically wear 6-12  month shoes, but most shoes are too big for you.

You likes:

Snuggles with Mama

Playing with Dada


Crawling on the grass

Swinging at the park

Being outside in general

Gus’ fur

Visits with the grandparents and uncles


Nap time, most of the time


When you can’t play with dangerous things like cords and plastic bags

Being sat down with out fair warning


You are undoubtedly a bright and beautiful spot in our lives. We love you so much more each and every day. Keep growing, learning, and shining our sweet little girl. We are so proud to be your parents!



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