11 months!!

Little girl,

You 11 months old as of today. My mind cannot believe it. I was just telling your daddy how can something be so cute all over, and it’s true. Every little growing part of you is just so scrumptious. And you’re smart and intuitive too.

Your great gran died yesterday, but the last you saw her almost two weeks ago, you were so still when she held you. You just looked up at her and let her kiss and squeeze you all without squirming. You are a wiggle worm, so it was like you sensed the sacredness of the moment, the last moment she would hold you.

You are very smart. You say mama, dadee, Gigi, bye-bye, and hi. You crawl and cruise  e v e r y w h e r e. You’re even starting to stand without assistance.

You weigh 20lbs, wear 12-18 month clothing. You’ve had quite the growth spurt this month. You are on the cusp of switching to size 4 diapers.

You eat pureed fruits and veggies, crunchies snacks, yogurt, and biscuits. You sometimes get juice, and you are still hooked on mama’s milk.


Gus the cat



Bath time

Hanging out with the g-parents

Opening and shutting doors

Jumping on your bed

Singing with mama

Talking on the phone with daddy

Playing outside

When mama and daddy are affectionate toward each other.


Car seat



Being changed

Having your face wiped

Next month my 1st child will have her 1st birthday. Whaaat?