Happy Birthday in Heaven


My heart aches every time I’m near the part of town you lived in or near the exit your nursing home is because I know that I can’t just pop in and see your sweet smile.

You helped raise me, fed me, taught me, joked with me, helped me with homework, made me the smoothest hot cocoa, and the tastiest pancakes. Your house was really the only place I ever felt safe, and I really wish that I could sit down at your kitchen table with you just one more time.

You always made my birthday special, and I wish I could do the same for you. However, my birthday plans would far pale in comparison to what you’re able to experience now. I’m grateful that you’re no longer trapped in a body with a mind that betrayed you, but my heart is still really sore in your absence.

Thank you for showing me love at times I felt unloveable. Thank you for being my granny.

I know you’re having the best birthday yet.


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