Pregnancy: the sequel


Yesterday morning I prayed for change. Around lunch time I started feeling queasy, and after eating it didn’t go away. I recognized this discomfort, and dashed off to the store to pick up a pregnancy test. I took it immediately upon my arrival, believing there was no way it could be positive all while knowing it would. Two pink lines.

With my first pregnancy I had tried to get pregnant, counted down the days, and when I found out, I ran into the living room crying and giggling, and I scared my beloved orange tabby Gus. This time, I cried, belly laughed, and picked up my daughter who was looking at me, confused. I told her she was going to be a sister, and it hit me. “I can’t do this. We aren’t ready for this.” Immediately I felt the Lord’s peace surround me. He wouldn’t give us this wonderful gift, if He didn’t plan on equipping us.

My husband wasn’t supposed to be off for another 4.5 hours, so I decided to take big sister to see him.

Clearly, he was as surprised as I was. Unlike last time, we told our family and a couple of close friends that day. I think telling people helped us with the shock.

You’re now reading this about a month after this all went down. We wanted to wait a little longer before making it public knowledge.

We’ve now seen our sweet nugget, and everything seems normal! I was relieved to find out there’s just one in there. While twins would certainly be a blessing, I’m more than fine being a singleton.

I’ll be documenting this journey much like my last one, so stay tuned!


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