Pregnancy:The Sequel (10 Weeks)

10weeks 10weeks2

How far along? 10 weeks

Total weight gain:Zero so far

Maternity clothes? Not in this pic.

Stretch marks? My belly hasn’t even grown yet.

Sleep: Pregnancy insomnia is a pain.

Best moment this week: Lots of snuggle time with Big Sister

Miss Anything?: Not feeling like I’m sea sick

Movement: Not yet!

Food cravings: Bring on the steak and taters!

Anything making you queasy or sick? This prune sized tenant.

My husband and I have been battling sickness for the last week. He had the stomach bug, while I had a touch of it. I’ve mostly felt flu like. I’ve had a fever most days and have just felt generally achy.

I have already paid a much needed visit to my chiropractor. My SI joint is already starting to contort horribly out of place, thanks hormones. I could lay on my stomach and feel my hips, and my right one jutted straight up in the air. He was able to remedy that pretty quickly, and I regained some much needed mobility. However, I don’t want to have to go to the Chiro every single week of this pregnancy so I Googled some physical therapy exercises for SI dysfunction. I’ve started doing these exercises, and I can tell a huge difference in the strength of my pelvis and back.

If you’re experiencing sharp pain beside the base of your spine, you could be having SI issues. These exercises are easy but effective. I use an old exercise band and one of my daughter’s small plastic toy balls.

I’m looking forward to documenting this journey and watching this little bump grow.

What were some things that were different about your subsequent pregnancies?


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