I Resolve 2015

The first day of the year typically garners an “I Resolve” post from yours truly. I’ll break down a list of resolutions, typically compartmentalized into different areas of my life. Similar to most people, I fail miserably at even remembering what I resolved to do let alone actually bringing them to fruition. So this year I’m keeping it simple.

I resolve to be joyful.

I’m a realist with anxiety issues who is jacked up on an influx of pregnancy hormones, so being joyful is not one of my fortes. However, since I became a mother, I have learned a great deal about joy and its incredible healing powers.

So this year, I will be joyful.

If there is something in my life that becomes a joy thief, I will try to fix it or it will be removed all together. Period. This life is far to short, and the things that rob me of feeling joyful will have very little meaning in the grand scheme of eternity.

So there is my resolution. I hope your new year is filled with joy and love and that 2015 is everything your heart desires.


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