Pregnancy: The Sequel(12 Weeks)

12 weeks

How far along? 12 weeks

Maternity clothes? I’m wearing my new H&M maternity treggings which I will continue to wear postpartum and forever after because they are comfy AND cute. I bought another pair in a lighter shade, and I’ve been wearing them interchangeably for days. I figured I should wash them which left me with ugly maternity pants, yoga pants, or my old pre-baby jeans. I decided since winter has decided to arrive I needed something more than my beloved yoga pants so I reluctantly wore my normal jeans which much to my surprise still fit.

Stretch marks? My belly has barely popped so….

Sleep: Pregsomnia continues…

Best moment this week: Lot’s of big sister snuggles. She’s getting a mouthful of teeth, so she’s been super cuddly.

Miss Anything?: No so much.

Movement: A little flutter here and there. You CAN feel your baby before 13 weeks and NO it’s not gas.

I’m falling a little behind trying to keep up with this pregnancy. It’s hard because unlike last time, Monday soon becomes Friday without me even realizing it. I think that comes from the fact that I’m a SAHM who works for herself. I never know what day it is unless my husband is home, then I know it must be the weekend.

Here’s to a year of happy baby moments! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy: The Sequel(12 Weeks)

  1. Cant wait to see this sweet baby hope u do well through this 2nd journey! Love you! If you ever need help baby sitting lovella im free on saturdays

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