Pregnancy: The Sequel(14 weeks)


How far along? 14 weeks HELLO 2ND TRIMESTER!!!

Maternity clothes? Pants not shirt.

Stretch marks? …

Sleep: Night time anxiety so not so well.

Best moment this week: When big sister sits on my lap, new baby flutters like crazy.

Miss Anything?: Clear skin.

Movement: Yup

So last week’s energy was a fluke. I’ve been so exhausted this week. I’ve also been wanting soda. I don’t drink soda. Ever. So I’ve really been into San Pellegrino’s Limonata’s. However, if I drink them in the evening, I get horrendous heart burn. I learned a trick from a friend about heartburn that I wish I knew last time. It’s really simple. When I get heartburn, I eat a pickle and it goes away. BOOM. If you get anything from this post preggy friends, pickles kick heartburn’s booty because they neutralize the acid in your stomach. Last night I had to eat two to get it to fully work but IT DID. I went through several bottles of Tums during my last pregnancy, but now I will go through several jars of pickles and not have to keep eating them every couple of hours.



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