Life with a 1.5 year old

My dear sweet 18 month old,

You’re so big! 33.75″ and 25.5lbs to be exact. You constantly keep me entertained with your hilarious antics.

Yesterday I asked what it was like being you, to which you replied “Cool.”

When daddy tells you that he loves you you say “I know.”

When “Melmo” is on the TV singing and dancing, you are on the floor singing and dancing.

Your giggle resonates throughout the entire house, as does your shrill screams during what I call “yelling practice.”

You do yoga with me, and can identify the majority of your body parts.

You can identify the numbers “2” and “8” which I attribute to the countless hours of Sesame Street we watch, and you’re pretty good at using the few signs that I taught you when you were much younger.

You know so many words and phrases. My favorites are “peeeze,” “Chank you,” “Out Guh-guh,” and “Night-night.” Who am I kidding, everything you say is my favorite.

You say the word “shirt” without the pronouncing the letter “r,” and this makes for many interesting stares when we’re out shopping and you exclaim your excitement over and over again over the sleeved garment.

You saw a picture of your daddy the other day and said “Dada, cuute.”

You love playing outside, and yesterday you survived your first wild animal attack. A duck bit you on the hand, you didn’t cry, rather you picked up and stick and shook it and bellowed “NO GUCK.” I’m glad to see that you can handle things yourself.

You are growing so beautifully and way too quickly. You’re going to be the best big sister, I just know it. You take the baby’s ultrasound picture, point at it and say “baby,” and then you kiss it. I melt.

You’re a very picky eater, but you do love pasta and marinara meat sauce, mac n’cheese, CRACKers, and sometimes the occasional fruit pack. Your daddy and I hide your fruits and veggies in the things that you do eat such as grated carrots in your mac n’cheese, various fruits and veggies in our morning smoothies and what not so you’re somehow getting what you need and growing so rapidly we can’t keep up.

Keep shining your sweet light. You are joy to all who know you. I wish I could be as funny and charming as you are. I love you forever.


2 thoughts on “Life with a 1.5 year old

  1. When you mention that part about how your daughter say ‘shirt,’ it made me think about that actress, Sasha Alexander and her son Leonardo. In the TV interview, Sasha talked about her son and she shared a story about how he can’t say ‘truck’ correctly because it sounded like a bad word, so she said it in her son’s voice with a word ‘truck’ and one of the crew told her that she can’t say that on TV. Her face was priceless. It’s on youtube somewhere.

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