How to Guess Your Baby’s Gender Give Away

During my first pregnancy, I could not wait to find out if we were having a boy or girl. Our 18 weeks gender appointment seemed to be 100 years away. I remember looking over all of the old wive’s tales and trying to guess what the little bean might be, and most of them pointed to Girl.

I had a dream months before we got pregnant and just after I had been told that I would have a very slim chance of ever conceiving that there was this little blonde chunk sitting on the floor looking up at me. She had wild hair and blue eyes. I called her by a name I had never heard before. When I woke up, I looked up the meaning of the name which is Jehovah increases a profound affection. Obviously I loved the meaning so I told my husband, and he approved.

Fast forward to our 18 week appointment, while I was lying on the table, I was waiting for the ultrasound tech to find her gender region. I knew she would say girl. I knew from the time I knew I conceived. She found it. GIRL.

This was the face I saw in my dream.

Here we are again, 18 weeks pregnant, and about to find out if this baby is a boy or girl. I guess it’s because it’s the second child, but I haven’t been as anxious to find out. I definitely don’t have the confidence in knowing what it is like I did last time. I suppose I have a little hunch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m wrong. As cliche as it sounds, I truly just want to this baby to free of any health issues.

For fun, I have done a couple of gender prediction tests.

The first is one that I didn’t hear about my first time around probably because you can only do it if you already have a child. Here’s what you do. You look at the back of your kids head. If their hairline is straight, then the new baby is going to be the same gender as that kid. If the hairline comes to a point, then it will be the opposite gender. This was easy to tell for us because big sister has so. much. hair. Her hairline is straight so according to this we’re having a GIRL.

The next thing I looked at was the Chinese gender predictor thing. I have no idea how it works, but it has a 50% chance of being right. For us it says BOY.

I also tried the baking soda test. Basically you pour your urine over some baking soda. If it has a big reaction, meaning that there are a lot of bubbles, then you’re apparently having a boy. For me there were no bubbles at all which means we’re having a GIRL. I went ahead and did you a solid by not providing a photo of this. However, if you want to look at another woman’s pee check this out.

I heard of this theory that I wasn’t as popular during my first pregnancy. It’s called Ramzi’s theory for gender prediction. You can read a medical article about it here. It supposedly 97% accurate. You can look at your 6-8 week ultrasound and determine the gender by looking to see which side the placenta is on. It says if your placenta is on the right side of the uterus then it’s a boy. However, if it’s on the left side then it will be a girl. If the ultrasound is transabdominal meaning that it’s done externally on your belly then you need to flip the image for it to be true. If you had a transvaginal ultrasound, the image is true.


The placenta is on the right.

Here is my 1st ultrasound with my 1st baby. The placenta is on the right which means this baby is a boy. However, we already know that she was in fact a girl.


Placenta is on the left.

Here is the new baby’s ultrasound. The placenta is on the left. So according to this we’re having a GIRL.

I did the test where you tie your wedding band to a string and hang it over your belly. Apparently if it swings back and forth it’s a boy. However, if it swings in a circle like mine did, you’re having a GIRL.

The final thing that I’ve noted is my appearance. They say that boys make you more beautiful while girls steal your beauty. This little baby has left me with dry, rosacea marked skin. I definitely feel like this booger has stolen all of my beauty so GIRL.

Obviously there is no 100% way of knowing until this little is here in our arms, but it’s fun to guess. Hopefully we’ll get a peek tomorrow at what this darling is. We have two beautiful names picked out, and we’re ready to love him or her no matter what they are.

What do you think we’re having? Vote here. If you share this post on facebook or wordpress and guess correctly you’ll be entered in for a change to win a little baby prize pack!


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