Pregnancy:The Sequel (21-23 Weeks)

21 weeks 22 weeks 23 Weeks

How far along? 24 weeks currently.

Maternity clothes? I’m not wearing any maternity tops in these pics. I only wear maternity or athletic pants or shorts anymore though. I found the long black and gray striped t-shirt dress at a discount store in my little town for $7! It’s like wearing a night gown. I sort of feel like a Duggar when I wear, but I think they’re cool so I don’t care.

Stretch marks? No way. But my belly has been more itchy this time. Maybe I’ll get them this time?

Sleep: Only induced by a melatonin supplement.

Best moment this week: Well, since I’ve not written in the last three weeks so I have a couple. I got to see some of my best friends that I haven’t seen much of in the last little bit. It’s always great to catch with your girlfriends in person. We also may finally, really be buying a house. We’ve tried so many other times, but every single one of them fell through for some odd reason or another.

Miss Anything?: Clear skin. Energy. Good moods.

Movement:HEYY MACARENA! I don’t why I said that. Probably because he moves all. the. time. Which I love. Big sister always responded to music. Little guy responds to spoken prayers.

Food cravings: NONE. I don’t even have an appetite. I lost about 4 pounds a couple of weeks ago, and have barely gained it back. I only a bowl of cereal for dinner because that’s all I can hold. I don’t really mind not eating a lot at night because my heart burn has not been as bad lately. I have to remind myself to drink a big glass of water and eat something within the first 30 minutes of waking up or I will pass out.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not this week.

Gender: BOY

Labor Signs:  Some practice contractions here and there. Nothing major. I jut crossed over into my 24th week which I’ll write about later, but I’m a little more relieved because the baby is now viable! If he were to be born now, the NICU here would have a huge percentage of saving him.

Belly Button in or out? I guess because it got stretched out last time, it has already started to expand. This did not happen until about 32 weeks last time. My diastisis recti has already begun too. Maybe that is where the itching is coming from.

Rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody: The last three weeks have been tough.

Reading: Lots of story books to big sister, home decor articles, and beauty articles.

The last few weeks have been miserable to be honest. I haven’t been well this entire pregnancy, and it came to an ultimate head a few weeks ago. I’m just incredibly grateful for the amazing support system that I have. My husband, mother, and in-laws have immensely supportive, and I’m pretty sure that there is nothing I could ever do to repay their love and kindness. Say a prayer for me when you think of it.


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