Happy Birthday, Baby!


I blinked and this whole year flew by faster the speed of light. I seriously cannot wrap my mind around it. I can still see you through tear glazed eyes as they laid you on my belly at 9:36pm on July 7th. I never felt such joy rise within my heart as I did in that very moment. I rubbed your gooey back and kissed your gooey head and gave praise to our Father for the one gift I thought I would never get to cherish. As you laid there on my chest, our eyes met for the first time, and time stood still as I realized that love at first sight most certainly is not a myth.

You’ve grown so perfectly and beautifully. In the last year you’ve had two colds, both lasting for about a day each. I credit this to us being able to nurse for this whole year, something that was not the easiest thing to do, but I’m so glad we did it!

You currently have one and half teeth! I wasn’t sure if you would ever sprout any, but one day it peaked through white and shiny. You weigh 20.6lbs. And are 30 inches long. You are nearly half my height! You are right on track for where you are supposed to be.

We had your birthday party a couple of days ago. It was a tea party, and the people that mean the most to us showed up. It was such a splendid occasion, even if two dozen balloons magically vanished without a trace off of the back deck. Fortunately your daddy and uncle Justin went and got some more.

You are so incredibly smart. The words that you can say to this point are Mama, Dada, Uh oh, huh uh, Guh (gus), Geegee (moggie),  And Melmo (Elmo). You also point to where you want to go and what you want to do. You can sign more as well. You are cruising all over the place, and you can stand for a few seconds on your own. I think you’ll be walking before the month is over. You can point to your head and your belly button.

You wear size 4 diapers, 12-18 month clothing, and size 2/3 shoes(if ever). Your blonde hair is long enough to place in little piggy tails.

You enjoy eating fruits, some veggies, and most things that are on our plates, including any type of bread. You still nurse about three times a day and you also drink diluted juice and water.

Your Likes:

Guh (Gus)

Melmo (Elmo)

Playing with Dada

Shopping with Mama

Hanging out with your grandparents and uncles


Being outside

Bath time

Your dislikes:

Nap/Bed time most of the time


the word “No”

Diaper changes

Over all you are incredibly content. You are the light of our life, and you make each a day a little sweeter than the day before. May you continue to grow in grace and love. Stay healthy and smart. We love you more than anything! Happy, happy birthday, baby!

Photo cred: Caitlin Foreman


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